tour paisaje de conservacion valle rio san pedro

Picture courtesy of NGO Forestales por el Bosque Nativo

As part of the agreement between the Municipality of Corral and the NGO Forestales por el Bosque Nativo, a group of professionals from the two institution, in addition to social leaders from the Isla del Rey and The Nature Conservancy, managers of the Valdivian Coastal Reserve, took part in a technical tour to the Conservation Scenery in the Rio San Pedro Valley.
The objetive of the outing was to get to know in detail this joint experience between the Municipalities of Los Lagos and Máfil and to analyze the possibility of repeating similar experiences in Corral, considering the wealth of its local biodiversity.

rcv vcr gana primer premio en concurso audio visual internacional

The Valdivian Coastal Reserve, a privately-owned protected area managed by The Nature Conservancy, received a new recognition for the conservation work carried out by the Valdivian Coastal Reserve in the municipality of Corral, when it was awarded first prize in an international audio-visual contest, named “Inspiring stories about protected areas”.

The contest was organized by the south american regional office of the International Union for the Conservation of the Nature and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation in Quito, Ecuador.
The participating video was shot in 2012 by The Nature Conservancy as a way of disseminating the work of conservation and preservation of biodiversity.

reunion red de planificadores de areas de conservacion

The participants at the Alerce Costero National Park

The second meeting of the conservation area specialist network was held at the Valdivian Coastal Reserve and the neigboring Alerce Costero National Park, in the Los Ríos Region, municipality of Corral.
The intensive, 4-day meeting took place between January 11 and 15, with the participation of 20 professionals from CONAF and The Nature Conservancy.

The objetive of the work meeting was to improve the process of institutional planning of state-protected wildlife areas (SNASPE) and to allow the group of experts to get to know each other better.

operativo masivo de vacunacion conaf tnc

Between december 6 and 8, dogs from the townships of Huiro, Chaihuín, Cadillal Alto and Cadillal Bajo underwent vaccination, in an massive campaign made possibe due to funds provided by CONAF and The Nature Conservancy, with the professional support of UACh veterinarians and the local office of the Ministry of the Environment (SEREMI).

Three teams, composed of Park Rangers from the Valdivian Coastal Reserve and the Alerce Costero National Park, a veterinarian and a 5th-year Veterinary Medicine student from UACh travelled to the towns vaccinating 150 dogs that live in the areas adjacent to the mentioned conservation areas.

nature conservancy presents cattle management program for conservation areas

Pablo Badenier, Minister of the Environment, a large number of scientists and national, international professionals in nature conservation and conservation area management analyzed the national scenario of invasive exotic fauna and flora in Chile, and on how each participant from his or her area of expertise and influence might implement certain measures to detain this expansion.

For 3 days the participants, surrounded by the lush wildlife of the Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve, partook in the First Meeting on Invading Species and Conservation Areas.
The objective of the meeting was to create a space for the interchange of information and experiences on the management and control of Invading Exotic Species (IES) in wildlife conservation areas.

One of the highlights of the meeting was the presentation by Alfredo Almonacid, Land Manager at the Valdivian Coastal Reserve, a privated-owned conservation area managed by The Nature Conservancy, on the execution of the Reserve’s Cattle Management Program.

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The preparation and implementation of a new methodology for the planning and development of tourism plans that would include an integral look of the territory is the objetive of a unique joint effort carried out by The Nature Conservancy and the Institute for Tourism of the Universidad Austral de Chile.

Another objective is to legitimize both public and private local players through an integrated proposal which would permit the different initiatives carried out in the territory to be compatible and harmonious with the environment, regardless of whether they are productive, cultural or related to nature protection. This is the aim that The Nature Conservancy has proposed in the area that integrates the Valdivian Coastal Reserve and the Alerce Costero National Park located in chile's XIV Region, Los Ríos.

To achieve these goals, The Nature Conservancy is working closely with the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences of the UACh through the Institute for Tourism, by means of a cooperation- and joint work agreement signed a few months ago.
This alliance has allowed the two entities to allocate the resources required for the first stage, which is to produce a methodology applicable to territories with unique characteristics.

reserva costera valdiviana celebra su anniversario once

In 2003, the international NGO The Nature Conservancy acquired 60 thousand hectares (148,000 acres) of the Chaihuin-Venecia property, on the coastal border of Chaihuín, Los Ríos Region, Chile, with the objective to convert it into the conservation area which is now named Valdivian Coastal Reserve (Reserva Costera Valdiviana).

The objective of the project is to preserve the endemic species of the region, while multiple efforts have been made to turn the Reserve into a world example of collaborative conservation.
Today, over a decade later, the challenge is how to sustain this work in time.