elefante marino hembra en playa colun

The animal was discovered thanks to the surveillance work carried out by Marcelo Antillanca, a marine park ranger from the Valdivian Coastal Reserve, while carrying out his duties along the Colún beach.
The Valdivian Coastal Reserve is a private-owned protected area, managed by The Nature Conservancy and supported by mining company BHP Billiton. 

Elephant seals (Mirounga leonina) are a rare appearance in the coastal area of the Los Rios Region; the animal turned out to be a female adult of approximately 4.5 meters long, weighing between 400 and 450 kg.
Once the sighting was reported, professionals from Sernapesca, the Chilean Fishing Service, carried out another inspection and ratified the indentification of the rarely seen species on the coast of the Los Rios region. The specimen suffered from an apparent eye infection, which was detected due to the secretions around her eyes.

caleta sindicato de pescadores huiro

View on the "Caleta de Huiro" fishermen's cove

Local authorities participated in the launch of the “Fantastic Vacation” (Vacaciona Caleta) campaign, an initiative promoted by the Fishing and Tourism Regional Ministry Departments and inaugurated in Huiro.
The attending authorities took advantage of the occasion to also inaugurate the “El Encanto del Mar” restaurant, owned by the Huiro Fishermen’s Syndicate.

In an unprecedented promotion and tourism information dissemination effort, aimed at attracting new visitors to the artisanal fishermen’s coves in the entire country, the “Vacaciona Caleta” campaign was launched in the district of Corral, Los Ríos Region, specifically in the Huiro fishermen’s cove.

jornada internacional de turismo en chaihuin


The first “International Tourism and Development Day in Geographical Spaces. Elements of Analysis to Establish Tourism Interest Areas (ZOIT)”, was organized by the Municipality of Corral and held at the facilities of the Valdivian Coastal Reserve, a private protected area managed by The Nature Conservancy.

The activity was attended by more than 50 professionals linked to the area, and described as an important opportunity to generate specific proposals to set up Tourism Interest Areas (ZOIT, in Spanish) in the Municipality of Corral.

tnc participa en latin american waterweek 2015

The Nature Conservancy, manager of the Valdivian Coastal Reserve in the Los Rios region, will participate in the next version of the Latin American Water Week 2015 to take place between 23 and 27 of March in Viña del Mar (Chile).

The organization, together with UNESCO, will be responsible for organizing the “Sustainable Water Areas” module, apart from partaking in the Technical Advisory Committee of the third version of this international meeting to take place in Latin America.

Dromiciops gliroides, courtesy Cristian Benaprés M.

Photo courtesy of Cristian Benaprés Martinson © 2011

Research carried out by a researcher from the Universidad de Chile in the Valdivian Coastal Reserve, a private protected area managed by The Nature Conservancy and supported by BHP Billiton (Minera Escondida) in the municipality of Corral, established the importance of this marsupial in the regeneration of native forests in the south of Chile.

The proliferation of quintrales (Tristerix tetrandus), an endemic parasitic plant, in eucalyptus plantations allowed to establish the presence and importance of the colocolo opossum (Dromiciops gliroides) as a forest regeneration agent, thanks to research led by Dr. Francisco Fontúrbel, a postdoctoral researcher associated with the department of Ecological Sciences of Universidad de Chile, who spent more than 4 years studying this marsupial.

productores locales en feria campesina chaihun

Farmers from Chaihuín, Cadillal, Pastal and San Carlos launched the first rural fair in Chaihuín, last January 30.
Every weekend of February, they will be selling their produce in the picnic area of the Valdivian Coastal Reserve, as a way of promoting the production and sale of local products.
The fair counts with the participation of approximately 20 local producers and is organized by INDAP and Prodesal of Corral.

“The idea of the fair arises from our farmers’ need to have a physical space where they can offer their products. Since a Prodesal kiosk was already set up in this sector, we requested the permission to set up the fair in the picnic sector”, said Cristina Flores of Prodesal Corral.
The fair offers vegetables, potatoes, eggs, tortillas, preserves, jams and marmalades, ornamental plants and crafts, among other products.

encuentro diseno caleta pescadores chaihun

The meeting included a participative workshop

The first presentation meeting of the design of the future fishermen's cove in Chaihuín, located in the municipality of Corral, was announced as part of the civic participation activities of the Los Rios Region Department of Port Works, part of the Ministry of Public Works. It was was attended by local authorities, neighbors, artisanal fishermen and professionals from The Nature Conservancy, in charge of of the Valdivian Coastal Reserve.