taller educación ambiental© Erwin Ovando for The Nature Conservancy

The environmental education workshops for children made by The Nature Conservancy have started. This year, kids from schools near the Valdivian Coastal Reserve will learn more about cultural heritage and the environment.

Since 2005, The Nature Conservancy has held environmental education workshops for children from schools near the Valdivian Coastal Reserve. The 2017 cycle of workshops has begun, timed to coincide with the beginning of the Chilean schoolyear, in March, at the end of summer.

Conservancy park rangers will conduct two monthly workshops for children from first to sixth grade (aged 6 to 14) from the Huape and Chaihuin village schools. Throughout 2017, they will also work with schools from four other neighboring villages and a local daycare center for toddlers.

These environmental workshops were launched 12 years ago by Patricia Poveda, Manager of the Social Participation and Community Development Program for the Conservancy.

Program manager Erwin Ovando, explained that during the first semester the workshops will focus on “cultural heritage, indigenous peoples of the area, and local history and identity.”

The workshops are part of the Environmental Education and Heritage Program that educates the community on environmental and cultural issues related to the Valdivian Coastal Reserve.

Environmental education is generally considered to be a key strategy in the protection of conservation objects and for the management of their threats. For the Conservancy, this program constitutes a cornerstone for promoting the conservation of the area and adjacent zones, and it also contributes to the achievement of the curricular goals required by educational establishments.