The Agreement seeks to develop a pilot area at a national level where a public - private management model of a protected areas buffer zone (ZAM) can be designed and implemented which would establish long-term and participatory intervention strategies.

In order to promote a sustainable productive development of the communities that belong to the Family Small-sized Agriculture segment and who are INDAP users or potential users INDAP regional director Jorge Sánchez, and Alfredo Almonacid, Manager of the Valdivian Coastal Reserve that belongs to The Nature Conservancy, signed a collaboration agreement allowing to create closer collaboration in communities located in the buffer zone (ZAM) adjacent to the Valdivian Coastal Reserve and the Alerce Costero National Park.

The activity was held at The Nature Conservancy offices in Isla Teja, Valdivia, and was attended by The Nature Conservancy Valdivia Office representatives and CONAF and INDAP officials from Panguipulli and Valdivia.

The Agreement seeks to develop a pilot area at national level where a public-private management model of a buffer zone of protected areas (ZAM) can be designed and implemented which would establish long-term and participatory intervention strategies.
The project is to be financed by institutions such as INDAP and said funding is to be aligned with the before mentioned strategies.
In addition, the pilot program will also promote rural tourism development with a special focus on cultural traditions, gastronomy, rural specialties, and handicrafts, among others.
The program also seeks to promote associativity and the development of rural organizations in order to improve the quality of life of neighboring communities.
The agreement also seeks to facilitate this interaction, establishing collaboration activities, communication mechanisms and ways to implement these actions.

Alfredo Almonacid, VCR Manager said that the signing of the agreement is an unprecedented event nationwide, “INDAP recognizes the need to work in the protected buffer areas, mainly in the Valdivian Coastal Reserve and the Alerece Costero National Park and when we can partner and establish common prioritized work, the possibility of successful results and an important impact for the region will be even greater.”

TNC will plan and coordinate the activities with local organizations, municipalities and other public institutions. Furthermore, it will promote other participation opportunities such as the National Advisory Council of the Alerce Costero National Park and the Valdivian Coastal Reserve that would permit to build a territorial vision and strategies necessary to achieve it.

At the same time, INDAP regional director Jorge Sánchez said that “This agreement allows us to have a more comprehensive view in terms of rural tourism and conservation.
The alliance that we have embarked on with the VCR positions us throughout short circuit markets and also allows us to create training and intervention models that go hand in hand with initiatives that the institution is leading today.
Conservation is one of INDAP’s guidelines; this is one of the reasons why opportunities in the areas of visibility as well as investment, for example, are being created. That is why we believe that this agreement is the beginning of cross-sectoral work, deeply embedded within the framework of INDAP’s 2014 – 2018 regional strategy”, said Sanchez.