diseno inteligente de caminos

• By 2050, 5 million kilometers of new highways will have been built globally.
• Nine out of ten of these roads will be located in developing countries, in areas that provide irreplaceable shelter for the planet’s biodiversity.
• The Nature Conservancy (TNC), administrator of the Valdivian Coastal Reserve and the Ministry of Public Works (MOP) of the Los Ríos Region invited international experts Juan Quintero and Gordon Keller to discuss tools for intelligent road planning and execution.
• Simultaneously, we launched a Best Practices Guide for environmentally friendly roads, developed by the Latin America Conservation Council (LACC) of The Nature Conservancy.

seminario areas protegidas

• The event was held in Valdivia on December 1, 2016 in the Paraninfo auditorium of the Teja Island Campus, Universidad Austral de Chile.
• During the seminar a number of protected areas cases in the Los Ríos Region and their contributions to the local development of their territories were presented.

The main objective of the seminar “Conservation and Local Development Contribution of Protected Areas in the Los Ríos Region” was to share experiences and lessons learned in biodiversity conservation and management of public and private protected areas, as well as to highlight the role of public and private protected areas as agents of economic and social development of the territory. 

© Nick Hall for The Nature Conservancy

The Valdivian Coastal Reserve has become the first forest carbon project in Chile to receive CCB verification that its carbon credits combat climate change, whilst contributing to the conservation of biodiversity and to the development of nearby communities.

Camila Tejo (blue jacket) with researchers from Orgon State University

Researchers from Chile and the United States are cooperating on a multi-year study of two iconic and similar species of old-growth tree giants from the coastal temperate rainforests of both countries to provide new data on the ecological processes of canopies and their connections to overall forest ecology.

plan chaihuin 1

In an unprecedented multi-disciplinary public-private initiative The Nature Conservancy (TNC), the Municipality of Corral, the Regional Government, the Ministry of Public Works, CONAF, Sernatur and Senadis handed over to the authorities a full Master Plan for Universal Accessibility Tourism Infrastructure to be implemented in the Chaihuín Beach, which aims to develop this sector as only one of its kind in the Los Rios Region.


The Agreement seeks to develop a pilot area at a national level where a public - private management model of a protected areas buffer zone (ZAM) can be designed and implemented which would establish long-term and participatory intervention strategies.

Feria ambiental

The activity was carried out together with the Alerce Costero National Park (PNAC) and aimed at bringing the protected areas closer to visitors during the summer season. 
Practicing students provided tourist information, tips on fire prevention and recycling, among other issues to visiting children from the surrounding towns at different informative stands set up in the picnic area of the Valdivian Coastal Reserve, a private protected area managed by The Nature Conservancy and supported by BHP Billiton (Minera Escondida).