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Erwin Ovando
Nature Conservancy Park Ranger
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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Originally from Puyehue in the Chilean Lake District, Erwin arrived at The Nature Conservancy in 2003. He came from an indigene community and was looking for better employment options.
Today, he tells us how happy he is to be part of The Nature Conservancy project and how he has learned important life values from this experience.
Now he understands the depth of the problem caused by the misuse of natural resources, especially since he worked for years in the forestry extraction industry.
He is committed to the conservation and promotion of environmental conservation issues, not only as a Park Ranger, but also at a personal level, together with his family and friends.
With the same passion he tells us that one of the fundamental reasons for his permanence in The Nature Conservancy Project is the team work which gives him tremendous support.
He says that he wishes to continue learning and improving to be able to give the best of himself in his work and personal life.