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Danilo González
Nature Conservancy Park Ranger - Responsible for Environmental Education
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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

After working as a commercial diver and fisherman, 9 years ago Danilo was given an opportunity to do what he had always wanted: teach his community about the environment.
Today he is a Park Ranger and Head of Environmental Education at The Nature Conservancy.
As far as environmental education is concerned, Danilo is sure about one thing: children learn by playing. His workshops do not follow the traditional educational model that expects children to sit and listen, but actively involves them in a learning process that aims to develop a critical perspective on their relationship with the environment. 
Yet, environmental education is not for children only. 
The children’s parents have followed their learning process with enthusiasm and have become more involved over time. 
Today, they are responsible a news bulletin for the community which covers activities and issues related to the conservation of the environmental heritage.